Important Notification from DropHunt Chrome Extension Team (For Codecanyon & customers)

Dear All,

New Management Will Bring Your More Glorious Journey In Future

When creating DropHunt, we looked far ahead to make DropHunt the best tool for dropshippers & merchants around the world to build their own ecommerce.

All the planning has been done carefully & a lot of development will be done in the next few months. But there are things we can’t do because we don’t have the expertise.

So today, we want to announce that DropHunt has been taken over by a new owner, Cloud Coder Sdn Bhd.

The company has experience in the construction of the Shopify app ( and we are confident that DropHunt will also have a brighter future with this new team.
DropHunt will be under the brand and all developments will be made by them starting November 11, 2020.

From now on, all questions or reports related to DropHunt should be reported to Cloud Coder Sdn Bhd & Stock-sync via email

New owners are also currently restricting access to assistance via email only. All support groups built before this will no longer be valid for DropHunt.

Hope you also have a more glorious journey with this new management. Goodluck to you all & DropHunt.



Our DropHunt Desktop application is down for further development.


All Our Drophunt Desktop users are requested to contact our telegram group for further  support: